Dec 23 – People

This year would not have been as great as it has been without all the great people I’ve met. I feel truely blessed to have worked with all the insanely great people in the 1177-team at Valtech. Thank you Anna Lantz, Anna Nihlen, Anna Rödin, Cecilia Eskeröd, Cristian Wigren, Florian Maindl, Joachim Widén, Joakim Molin, Johanna Särnå, Johannes Bäckström, Jonathan Larsson, Karl Ahlin, Magnus Malmstedt, Marwin Brandt, Mathias Kunto, Mats Andersson, Mats Saxer, Oskar Bejbom, Patrik Akselsson, Sofia Persson and Terese Lindberg.

And to you, dear reader, a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Patrick Wolf – The Falcons