Reviewing pages in EPiServer – how to comment?

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How do users comment?

So, from the last post we currently know that some sort of user wants to comment upon an article. Since the previous commenting system was disconnected to what the editors say when working with the text in EPiServer one of the highest prioritized requirement was that the comment should be given in a context that was as close to the actual text that the comment was for as possible.

The article, when viewed on the site, contained the usual webby stuff like menus, search, aside content, footers besides the actual article content.

The closest thing to the real deal

We toyed around with various ways as to how the user should be able to comment until we came up with the simplest thing that could possibly fulfill all the requirements: the comments should be placed on the actual article page. So if you are in a context of being able to comment on the article the look of the page is changed. Everything none related is stripped away and other elements related to commenting are shown instead.

The next problem was how to handle identifying the various areas of an article that are commentable (that’s a word).

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