What’s in EPiServers container?

I was curious what’s registered in the StructureMap container by EpiServer themselves. StructureMap comes with the helpful method WhatDoIHave() which spits out everything registered. I formatted that list to make it slightly prettier

    .Split(new[] { "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" }, StringSplitOptions.None)
    .Where(l => l.Contains("EPiServer"))
    .Aggregate((current, next) => 
        current + "<br /><br />" + next
            .Replace("Configured Instance of", "<br />Configured Instance of")
            .Replace("Instance is created by", "<br />Instance is created by")

Here’s the list from the above code. Rumor has it that you need to have this list memorized if you are to be a certified developer for EPiServer 7.

  • http://twitter.com/alfnilsson Alf Nilsson

    That’s quite a list.. I wonder what some of these are for.. Reflecting to the rescue!

    • http://www.popkram.com Stefan Forsberg

      Yea that’s actually a blog idea right there, picking a random interface from that list and then write about what you can do with it.